March 22, 2021

Happy Spring!

Hello,  I’ve been working more on developing the four new finishes I mentioned in my previous post: hammered copper; bright copper, flamed copper, verdigris patina, and colourful alcohol ink finish.

i’ve found that colour is the key. Customers love colour!

This along with testing most appropriate clear coats to secure patina on one while protecting the longevity of the colours on the other. Rustoleum’s “Painter’s Touch”, nor Krylon UV-Resistant Gloss  don’t hold a candle to Dupli-Color Automotive Clear-coat. Of course, you get what you pay for and the coating that works best is also double the price. I am sure to get my money’s worth by closely pairing all similar wings on my nylon cutting boards and spraying many at one time. That Scots blood thing again.

I have also been working on a new web process for customers to order each one of a kind ink or patina dragonfly or butterfly. Not certain how this will work yet but I have a plan. I will make it happen!  You will be able to choose your butterfly or dragonfly and then choose the backing you want added to it.  This could be a suction cup, or a garden stem, or a hair comb or one of the other 4 selections currently available on already assembled bright copper products.

I have newly released my Spring Bloom Butterfly Collection – a selection of 5 colours of Butterflies with colours similar to the spring blossom that originated their colouring. Bluebell, Daffodil, Poppy, Tulip (Pink), and Violet are their names.

Axie is so happy I’m busy. It has delayed his Spring trim and Bath that I do myself. Gotta get those nails (claws) too. Maybe tonight. 🙂

Hope you are ready to get out and about again.  Light is shining bright through a very short tunnel Yippee!