Another beautiful morning in Oh Valley and because it’s the weekend, we headed out to the local beaver pond to see what our friends had been up to.

There are beautiful natural blooms that will peak the interest of the most discerning dragonfly and these Fancifulls are no exception when it comes to wildflowers. Queen Anne Lace, Butter Cups, Clover, Daisies. Dixie felt it her responsibility to carefully check out a ‘Blue Devil’ stalk. Caution to the wind. I hope she’s immune to their stingers.

I’m told that Darby, Delta and Dixie will be available after the long weekend at Ritchie Feed and Seed, once the 5 garden centres complete their inventory count. (Consider yourself lucky that you’re not doing a stock check on a hot and humid July Long Weekend. With no wish to count more pieces of stock than absolutely necessary, they decided to keep their Fancifulls at Head Office until everything was counted and accounted for.

I wish I knew how to get a deleted video back to my phone. Unfortunately, I don’t… but I had the most soothing, bird song, water trickling 6-second video of Delta in the tall grass. (Update: I have the lovely 7-second video back but do not have the resources from my ISP nor my website to show it to you. You’ll have to trust me. It’s soothing.) Maybe I can capture the moment again tomorrow morning? Heck, I don’t know how to load it up here yet anyway. Help. Also asking WordPress how to add eCommerce to my site – Thinking only eTransfers (Interac?) and Paypal. Sound about right? I might have to change my site to do it but am realizing I need to listen to the masses when they speak. With any luck (and no sleep) you can be shopping for your own Fancifull from here by next weekend.

I hope everyone has fun plans for their long weekend. Isn’t it grand when Canada Day falls on a Friday or a Monday?

From Oh Valley, Sue and the Fancifulls wish you and yours the best holiday.