I’ve spent this past weekend making my home inhabitable again. Until I went to bed late last night, I didn’t have one single flat surface (excluding my bed) that wasn’t loaded down with paperwork, supplies, packaging or copper. Now I have everything squared away, and ship-shape. There is still much more “stuff” than I’d like there to be. (Do you have any idea how much storage space 17,500 hang tags require??? I didn’t know until now… and I’m expecting delivery of 500 gift boxes and inserts, 400 gift bags, 5000 Made in Canada stickers and 2000 SKU stickers later this week or early next. Yes, had to get organized.

Now I find I have to get the paperwork organized. Only 2 short weeks ago, I gave a briefcase of receipts, invoices, statements, etc. to my neighbour and tax consultant. She is trying to make heads and tails of them. In two short weeks, maybe it was three, I’ve collected another 3″ of paperwork. Holy Dragonfly Crap, Batman!

I have an appointment to see her again on the 26th at 11am. I’d like her job to be less complicated than when we previously met so…. off to create my spreadsheet(s). No QuickBooks for this Chicklet! We’ve opted out! I can still claim the $350 purchase of the software installed on this computer as a tax write-off. Woo Hooo!

Have a wonderful week everyone.

Sue, Axie, and The Fancifulls of Oh Valley