13 Jan Workshop Newletter

Hi Everyone.    I have some great news to share with you.  

Frequently I am asked if I would be offering classes to make copper dragonflies. This newsletter update is for all of you who have requested that I put a workshop together.

I kept my 2023 New Year’s resolution, allowing me ‘free’ time these last weeks to prepare a workshop instead of tracking down all my business papers and receipts for 2023. All documentation is ready. Waiting on government slips before filing my taxes. How good it feels to have it ready and get back onto the stuff I love! 

The number one question I am asked by customers is, “How long does it take to make a dragonfly?” In the beginning, figuring it out from scratch took a very long time. Note my prototypes in the photo below.


Now you will see for yourself how long it takes, with the benefit of my help and instruction. 

This Copper Dragonfly Workshop is unique in that I come to your location – instead of you coming to mine. 

Any day of the week – including weekends can be chosen. I’m hoping to offer one, possibly two workshops per week if the demand is there. My pre-booked, live vendor events do take precedence. So some weekends will be unavailable by Spring but I’m sure we can work around that.


Morning workshops run from a reasonable 10am to 1pm  Monday through Sunday. Who wants to get up early? Afternoon workshops run from 1pm to 4pm  Monday through Sunday. Evening workshops will begin in late Spring. All workshops can be set up outside, weather permitting!

In your workshop, you will learn how to craft HDD’s original dragonfly design and create your own wing-markings. Follow me as I demonstrate the best assembly technique I have discovered to date. Nothing will be left out; no secrets kept just for me. I can be over your shoulder if you might require assistance. You will learn all that has taken me 5 years of development;  all within a morning or afternoon. 

No electricity or power tools of any kind are used.

Tools and materials for 4, and up to 8 participants. Your kitchen and/or dining area space would need to accommodate the number of friends/relatives/neighbours you choose to invite. Each person would require one place-setting size at the table. 


This workshop has been designed to allow for the making of 3 dragonflies per participant:

One practice dragonfly, a keeper if you wish – if you are happy with the results;

One keeper dragonfly, now that you’ve learned the process and technique; and

One keeper using pre-hydro-dipped and sealed wings. The wings are cut and pre-coloured using automotive spray paints, then sealed with a brush-on clear-coat. This happens months in advance of a workshop. There will be at  least 12 sets to choose from. 

If everyone is having lots of fun, there may only be time for 2 dragonflies  – practice and hydro-dipped. (I discovered this via my guinea pig workshop.)


It is important to know that a fair bit of finger dexterity is required. Workshop is available for ages 12+. (Consider too – I notice that my joints are beginning to suffer from mild arthritis and some days of dragonfly-making are easier than others.)

For those hoping to make butterflies, a Butterfly Workshop will be offered in the future, after completion of a Dragonfly Workshop. A butterfly is much more difficult to prepare and assemble. The basics must be learned before attempting the more difficult butterfly. To this day, it takes me 3 times longer to craft a butterfly than a dragonfly. 


As there is no similar in-home workshop being offered, pricing has been determined by what is being offered: home environment; supplied tool sets and crafting materials; set-up and clean-up following workshop; and 3-hour instruction. Price – $75 per person presuming 4 or more participants. If less than 4 participants, this 3-hour, in-home workshop is  $300.00. Tax is included. Quite a deal considering you will finish with up to 3 dragonflies that would retail for over $30 each. 

(Depending on your distance from Bells Corners, a fuel surcharge may apply. Still working this part out.) 

The following is a link to the registration form. It is also found on my website by clicking on the highlighted words “Registration Form” within the text for the workshop description.  https://forms.gle/CTsoWND79adCiEgC9

Workshop Deposit ($40.00), confirms your placement and can be paid at:

https://HazyDayZDragonflies.com/product/workshop  Remaining balance will be collected at the workshop. 


Registration is available immediately. 

Break free of the Winter Blues. Grab your pals and have some fun. 

Workshops dates confirmed once deposit has been made…. With first opening available on Monday, January 29th, morning or afternoon. Any day after that through March. A maximum of 2 scheduled workshops per week will be made available.

Currently, I do not know how to create a calendar to show you open booking spaces. Please bear with me. Once I figure it out, I will add a booking calendar to my website. If you have insight into one I should check out, Pleaseeee feel free to let me know!

That’s my news! I hope it excites you as much as it does me. I am looking forward to  hearing from all those who have been patiently waiting for a Hazy DayZ Dragonfly Workshop.  

Let me show you how to make your own copper dragonflies. Then, you too, will know why I love what I do.