Delta dancing in the breeze

These pictures were taken with Dixie and Delta, while on a beautiful walk – er – flit this morning. Sunny, with a slight breeze perfect for Delta to dance in the leaves while Dixie and I checked on the mail. Yes, I know it’s Sunday but it’s been an extremely busy week. Our mail had to wait its turn. Now hoping B. Wilson will contact me. My very first tweets, so many, desperately pleading for advise were sent to him this morning. (Update August 11th. Was not tweeting B. Wilson – that would be too easy. I was tweeting myself! I’ve yet to figure out how to use Twitter and honestly, it is the last thing on my list of things I need to do…. although I do closely follow Arlene Dickenson’s daily motivational tweets. They help me keep my head clear of all the garbage and focus on my intent.)

Dixie helping to collect the post

After collecting our flyers and adverts, scanning quickly for REAL mail, we took in a bit of sun. Dixie is happiest when she can rest in shade and safeguard her delicate complexion. Today, even she couldn’t help surrendering a moment or two in the sunshine.

Dixie admiring a neighbour’s garden

For those of you concerned, Darby has completed his time-out for teasing Dixie about her accent. He came outside with us and stood his post while waiting for our return. It really is a good day to be Dragonfly. Perfect in fact!

Darby manning his post

Once I upgrade my Internet Service Package, I’ll be able to post the lovely videos of Delta dancing, thanks to my 2-day-old Google Pixel 3a Smartphone. Delta is so sweet, mesmerizing actually. I’ll try to get to that this week but as technology is not my forte, there may be a delay but again, I promise it will be worth waiting for. {Update June 6, 2020. No need for an upgrade. Instead I have a fully overhauled website AND a guy onboard (Barry Harris of, that installs videos as I post them. I’ll get Delta’s video posted this week once I figure out the best place to put her 7 seconds of fame with water trickling and birds chirping so be sure to turn up the volume. I didn’t know my phone recorded audio as well as  video so the audio was really low but turn up your volume for the full effect.} I LOVE WHERE I LIVE – Waterfall Lane!

All the Fancifulls in Oh Valley wish you a perfect day too.