Bradley came racing over as quickly as his mini butterfly wings would allow him to fly. He had some urgent and fantastic news to share. Everyone in Oh Valley was invited to a huge celebration in Crazywort.

Crazywort is a community close to Bradley’s village of Waterville. This is the only community anyone is aware of that has a Crazywort plant and it can be found smack- dab in the middle of the town’s central park. The plant is so rare that the founders of their community decided to name it, Crazywort, after the plant.

(If citizens of Canada are called Canadians, and citizens of Alberta are called Albertans, what do you think the citizens of Crazywort call themselves?

Would you believe they refer to themselves simply as, “Worts?” They do.

Well,…. This morning their Crazywort plant was spotted with a blue leaf growing on it. Willow, The Crazywort Monitor spotted the blue leaf while performing her morning ground check. Willow is a Walking Stick, and as such, does not have wings and can not fly. Willow holds a very important position because it walks and climbs everywhere and can monitor all the leaves on the Crazywort plant. Since spotting the blue leaf this morning and notifying Peabody, the Praying Mantis, and community leader of Crazywort, the whole village has been in a tither, flitting around and frenziedly preparing for a celebration called, “The Turning of The Blue.” It will see communities far and wide gather together around their fabled plant and rejoice that they were able to witness a rare event.

You see, no one in Crazywort was alive the last time their plant turned blue and from history lessons, everyone knows that within 24 hours, all the leaves on the Crazywort, every budding one, will turn a beautiful shade of dark blue – like indigo, the shade of the night sky, just before it fades to black with sparkles everywhere. All Fancifulls want to witness this grand event.

Off to Crazywort, everyone flies, some quicker than others. Dragonflies although fastest of all Fancifulls, stay to the rear of the community cloud, making sure no Fancifull is left behind. Bradley, after flying to Oh Valley on his mini wings was already so tired he was finding it very difficult to keep up with the cloud of Fancifulls. Thankfully, Darby took Bradley under his wing and made sure he arrived safely with everyone else. Bradley was very grateful to Darby. He might have missed the event if not for Darby’s kindness. Bradley was from Waterville, not Oh Valley. He is quickly realizing that the Fancifulls in Oh Valley are as nice as the Fancifulls in his own community!

When the Oh Valley Fancifulls arrived in Crazywort, they were able to fly in succession around the the Crazywort plant. It had already turned half blue. What a sight! This day would be remembered for a lifetime. As Oh Valley’s Weather Prognosticator, Belvedere (Senior Bumble Bee) would ask Buttercup (Butterfly), Oh Valley’s reader and ‘knower’ of all that is important, to make a record of this day in the community history books and Belvedere himself, would record all the meteorological details of the day. He would ask his friend, “Grampa” – a senior Grasshopper if he recalled anything unusual about the weather today that might have precipitated the leaves changing colour to blue. He would record any anomalies.

For now, however, Belvedere remained with his Fancifull neighbours and watched as the Crazywort plant continued to develop more blue leaves. It was happening quite quickly now, there were only a few buds on the plant that were not blue. These buds looked a bit different than all the ones that produced blue leaves. These buds were thicker, as though there was something hidden inside their curled depths, something besides other leaves. The buds seemed to grow only on the tips of each branch of the Crazywort.

Then, simultaneously and without warning, hundreds of little white Deetledag flowers burst forth from every one of the big buds. It felt like having paper confetti thrown at you except that the petals that flew forward, remained on the plant as the buds unfurled. All the Fancifulls were in awe! This wasn’t recorded in any of the history books they had ever read.

Deetledags are common in Oh Valley. They’re a ground cover plant and very common indeed. Some would go so far as to say that a Dettledag plant is a weed when it shoots up in the wrong location as it’s apt to do with regularity. Bees don’t even bother to collect the nectar from the Deetledag as it doesn’t really have a taste. It’s bland. It wouldn’t make very good honey.

But this? Crazyworts had never been known to flower. Today the Fancifulls were witness to a new discovery, one they might never see again. The only possible conclusion to draw from today’s events was to recognize Crazywort’s Crazywort plant as actually being a very, very, very old and large Deetledag plant.

Belvedere, being Senior Bumble Bee was certain their Queen, Bizzy, would want them to collect the nectar from these flowers so he, along with his nephew, Baxter, and other hive mates, Brighton, Honey, Billy and Bernie worked tirelessly until all the nectar was collected. They found that there was a definite smell and taste difference between a young Deetledag Plant and this ancient Deetledag. This nectar had a strong, pungent taste, like the nectar they collect each summer from buckwheat flowers.

The Fancifulls were dazzled by the brightness of the pure white Deetledag flowers against the deep blue leaves. They quickly developed a new respect for the little Deetledag plants growing haphazardly around their home in Oh Valley. Maybe with care and protection, they might eventually host a celebration in Oh Valley for “The Turning of the Blue” like they celebrated in Crazywort today. At the very least, the bees might have a new nectar source to keep their winter stores well stocked.

Until next time, The Fancifulls hope you learn something fabulous about the ‘Deetledags’ in your yard….

Sue, Axie and the Fancifulls of Oh Valley.