The air around Oh Valley is pretty sticky. Even dragonflies find the humidity hard to fly in. The moisture in the air sticks to their wings and they are unable to fly great distances on days like today. They laze around until the weather perks up. Then they can travel where-ever their hearts desire.

Unfortunately, outgoing Bradley, current address – Waterville, did not check with his community’s weather prognosticator before he decided to fly. Traveling from Waterville to Berrytown, he found the flying excruciatingly difficult and had to stop in Oh Valley to see if he could find a room at the Insect Inn until the low-pressure system passed. Bradley is a Butterfly and has more winged-surface area than a Dragonfly – of the same size and is not nearly so powerful as his counterpart. The moisture he was trying to fly through was insurmountable. He was lucky there was a spare room for him at the Inn.

Bradley, being outgoing and gregarious has found the perfect profession for himself. He is a travelling salesman and flies to all communities in his district selling pollen extractors. The company he works for, “Poll-enty-Bee-US,” has been researching how to mechanically transfer pollen from one plant to another to help in the pollination of plants. The pollen extractor will aid the declining number of colony bees and solitary bees do their job. Other flying insects incidentally pollinate flower blooms but they have their own jobs to support the community. Bradley’s briefcase is packed with these little devices to show to potential buyers. What do you think a pollen extractor look like? Can you draw a picture of one?

Once Bradley had unpacked, he checked out the common lounge where many of the Fancifulls were playing board games like Clue, Snakes and Ladders and Crokinole – prounounced, “Croak- in- ol(d)”. He is a very good Crokinole player in Waterville, and finishes quite high in the standings during their semi-annual tournament. He has a special technique for aiming the disc, causing it to glide precisely to the centre hole and drop flat. When he has the opportunity to use this technique, he always scores a ’20.’ He doesn’t get to shoot at the centre hole often because of other rules in the game preventing him from aiming at it while opponents discs are in play…. but when he does get a shot, he makes it count!

By the early evening, the board games have been returned to their shelves and some older Fancifulls have retired to their rooms for a nap before a late dinner in the dining hall. Bradley is glad the weather has cleared significantly. The pressure is rising and the humidity clearing out. He will be able to continue his trip tomorrow. For now, however, he’s having such fun with his new friends. He accepted an invitation to go on an expedition around The Valley. After running to his room for his camera he found that all the Fancifulls, save one, had gone on ahead. Only Bianca was waiting for him.

They quickly caught up to the others and together, dozens of Fancifulls, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Ladybugs, Bumble Bees, Grasshoppers, and Moths, all flew over and around the sites, some Fancifulls were eating as they flew.

What could be more fun? Sight-seeing while munching on mosquitoes plucked from the air as they errantly flew past past you. Early evening air produces the best darn mosquitoes… so tasty, many with their bellies full. (I’ll say it for you…. Ewww, GROSS!) They stopped for a rest and drink at the mighty river that cuts through Oh Valley. It’s appropriately named the Oh River.

Bradley really likes the look and feel of this place. It suits him well…. and he especially likes Bianca. She’s quite funny and says the most amusing AND interesting things. She makes him think about things he’s never thought about before and picture things differently. He likes to listen to her as she explains how everyone interacts to sustain a healthy and thriving community. She was born in Oh Valley and has traveled to larger communities but never feels the same supportiveness and inclusiveness, the same camaraderie, in those places that she feels here. She explains to him how lucky she feels to call Oh Valley Home and hopes to always live here.

Bradley thinks he may stop here more often on his business trips even if the weather isn’t foul. He hopes Bianca will be home when he does.

Come back to find out more about Bianca in my post next Sunday. Until then, maybe get your crayons out and draw a picture of a “pollen extractor.” I’d like to see it when I meet you in person. I will be at the Lanark County Highland Games Saturday August 24th in Almonte, Ontario.

As well as offering up pre-made (by these fingers currently typing…) and packaged (by the very same fingers) Dragonflies for $10.00 each, I will be assembling Dragonfly Fancifulls for those who wish to contribute to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario – (CHEO). For $15.00 you will take home your own DARBY, DIXIE, DELTA, DINAH, or DEXTER and $5.00 of your payment will go directly to CHEO. A special glass bead, metallic Turquoise), for this show only 8AM to 6PM – Almonte Fair Grounds. No other Dragonfly Fancifulls will ever have a turquoise bead attached to them by me. Twist my arm and I may add more than one… or two. 🙂

*** Bradley in Toronto – We spoke on the phone from my day job and I wanted to include your name in my Bumble Bee collection next year. But why wait? Bradley, you are now a Butterfly – with the personality I asked you to stipulate – outgoing. I will strive to keep Bradley true to his origins… and thank your parents for me. Bradley’s a super name!

*** Bianca – You are an employee that works for the same company that currently employs me. I had forgotton how lovely I thought your name was the first time I heard it – 1990’s Soap Opera, All My Children, Erica Kane’s daughter. I’m glad we chatted this week. I will endeavour to create funny story lines for Bianca as you selected that trait for Bianca. Thank-you for having such a lovely name.

‘Til next time, Sundays for a Fancifull Story, with other “Stuff” through-out the week,

Sue, Axie and the Fancifulls of Oh Valley

(Sue needs to get a Miniature Dragonfly Fancifull prototype produced before anything else can be done today…. and I have a serious load of laundry waiting. Did I mention vacuuming and a sink-load of dirty dishes? Fancifull it is!)