Buttercup is one very busy butterfly. Though he is still young, there’s no time for him to play Rain Ball or Wing Tag. He doesn’t recall the last time he stopped to watch a sunset or dream about his future. He’s not bothered. He lives the role and life of his choosing, that of Community Answerologist, the Fancifulls answer to Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Butter is depended upon by friends, family, neighbours, and in fact everyone, to solve life’s mysteries. Due to his unceasing devotion to help his community, his superior knowledge, and his pursuit of further achievement, he is the recipient of a Rhodes Scholarship. Much of his success in his role as Community “Answerologist” has been due to his extraordinary photographic memory. Butter knows he’s not taken time to gaze at a setting sun. He’d remember it vividly!

Butter is the perfect drinking companion. He can keep you captivated with all his stories including all relevant historical details.

To aid him in his role, Butter possesses a massive book collection. He has read many of the books though not all. Using the Dewey Decimal System, they are neatly crammed on shelving that lines the round walls of his 3rd-Turret Room at the Insect Inn. With this classification system, he is easily able to fly up and retrieve the exact book he needs to answer any particular question.

He was mystically able to bring his cocoon-filling book collection along during his metamorphic process. I’m as curious as you are as to how he managed it. With each direct question I pose, I receive an answer from Buttercup that although lengthy and imaginative, does not solve the mystery. I’m left to chalk it up to the mystical forces of Mother Nature.

Equally as mystical is the turret room itself. From the outside, no Fancifull can say for certain how tall the turret is. Its peak is much higher than insects can fly. Buttercup could determine its height if he had the inclination. He knows all about triangulation. His only concern is that it remains tall enough to hold his collection. Buttercup, unlike other Fancifulls is also aware that the tower is growing taller as his collection continues to expand. That same mystic power that saw the collection arrive at the Insect Inn is continuing its charm.

Buttercup in Detail
Attaches easily to any flat, non porous surface – glass window or mirror, polished marble, quartz or granite.

Another peculiar fact is that Buttercup is easily able to fly up inside the turret, as high as he pleases without harm.  He’s never tried to reach the peak from the outside as other Fancifulls have. He’s too busy reading and answering all the questions of his fellow Fancifulls.

That is why today, Ground Hog’s Day, is his favourite day of the year. He has learned and developed the power to keep himself and all around him in a “Continuum Loop” for as long as he finds necessary to get caught up on all the niggly things that he’s been putting off since last year. The loop-hole is then disolved without any of The Fancifulls being aware they’d been replaying their lives over and over for days..

Neat trick if you can get away with it, Right?

5 Months Testing of UV Protective lacquer coating – Krylon. Results do not show a substantial improvement. Lower left, no coating. Middle, Krylon. But who’s going to stand out in the rain like a potted pepper plant for 5 straight months anyway?

In steps Cassidy, Carter and Clementine. They have been out weeding around the Lingythingy Berry Bush for what seems like an eternity. Kristoff, their guardian, sends them out after the same breakfast everyday and tells them not to return until they have completed the task. Each day they head out. Problem is when they arrive, there are no weeds. The Lingythingy is thriving and there’s not a weed in sight. They are puzzled. They don’t recall ever weeding the patch. The triplets are new to the community but they have heard of Buttercup. If any Fancifull knows the answer to this quandary, Buttercup would.

On the third day of Butter’s Spring cleaning, he receives a timid knock on his door. Three crickets are staring at him blankly, not a chirp coming from any of them. Hadn’t they ever seen a butterfly in a pinny before?

“Buttercup, Sir?”

“Yes. Excuse the apron. I’m doing my Spring tidy-up. How can I help you?”

We have a mystery. We seem to be going around in circles. Kristoff sends us out to the Lingythingy Berry Bush every morning to weed around its base but there are no weeds at all to remove. It appears it’s been done already. Why would all the weeds be gone when we don’t remember weeding it? What should we do?

Oh Darn, thought Butter, these foster crickets are new to the community. They arrived just as he was setting down to start his cleaning. They must have missed the Charm Sequencer (Buttercup’s answer to the Google Car) when it rolled by.

“I’m sure everything is OK. Why don’t you go out and do some exploring of your new community. Seems to me that Kristoff’s main concern is that you spend time outdoors and get fresh air. Wander around and meet people. I’m sure you’ll love living here. Don’t forget to come back in time for dinner. I promise by tomorrow morning, everything will be just fine.

“By the way, how are the Lingythingy Berries ripening up?”

Cassidy, liking this answer, ignoring the question, and prone to exploring and discovery, asked if she could come inside and explore his turret room.”It looks ever so interesting.”

As Cassidy tried to slip inside under Butter’s wing, with no luck, Carter said he was not sure. They’d never seen a Lingythingy Berry bush before. “How do you tell when the berries are ripe?”

“When the Berries are soft and have turned from a bright orange to a deep blue, they are ready. They are very bitter to eat on their own but make a lovely addition to chutney to serve with Snarlguk. It may be a few more weeks yet. And you, Miss Cassidy. You can see by my pinny, I’m in the process of a good cleaning and everything is a bit at sixes and nines. Maybe another time?”

Carter and Clementine were fine with that and dragged Cassidy away before she could persuade Buttercup to let her in. Cassidy was very good at persuasion. They would explore the out-of-doors, as they were certain that was what Buttercup had intended.

Oh My Word! That was close!

Buttercup pondered throughout the day what should be done. He felt guilty for not actually answering the children’s question. How could he? It may have frightened them to know his power… except for that young Cassidy. She didn’t seem to let anything stop her.

By the end of the day, after lightning-speed cleaning, Buttercup realized he should not be taking advantage of his powers in such a way. He would never do it again! Butter resolved to never allow his turret room to become in such a state. He would plan his life to include time for more than researching and answering questions. He would never need to stop progress so he could catch up… Ever Again.

He would celebrate Ground Hogs Day in the same manner as his neighbours, by nudging poor Beckham, the community Ground Hog, awake to see if he could see his shadow and watch to see if Beckham raced back down the hole signifying 6 more weeks of winter. If he didn’t, Spring was right around the corner. And he was ready for it.

Tonight, Buttercup would also stand at his west window and watch the sun set.

Here’s hoping your local Ground Hog doesn’t see his shadow and Spring is around the next corner.

Sue, Axie, (Wiarton Willy who did NOT see his shadow this morning), and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley