Although I’ve missed blogging about the goings-on of my Fancifulls, I have been very busy. I’m on track to bring 1000 dragonflies to Maxville, Ontario, CANADA at the Glengarry Highland Games next week – Friday August 2nd and Saturday August 3rd, 2019. The photos above show my progress. I started with flat, unmarked copper foil for all the pieces above; bodies and wings. Dragonflies are all personally hand-crafted without the use of any electricity – power tools. My fingers hurt. 😉


Dragonflies darting around the Astilbe.

I will be bringing Darby, Delta and Dixie whom you’ve met. You’ll be able to meet Dirk too. He dropped by Oh Valley’s Insect Inn last week and has become fast chums with Darby. Dirk is very “Crafty” and loves to dart around wreaths and other do-it-yourself projects. I think he has already found a permanent room at the inn and is making himself at home. Dirk – named for the upcoming games,  a Scottish dagger -doesn’t appear to be leaving Oh Valley anytime soon.

Dexter is sticking around too and would like to be at the show, though I’m not so sure he deserves to meet all you fine people. He and Darby got into a bit of mischief last night and a witness, Dirk, confirmed that Dexter was the instigator. Now, Dex has to be on his best behaviour or he’ll be stuck at home while we enjoy the festivities of the Glengarry Highland Games. If you meet him there, it will be that he has been very good dragonfly… for the week anyway. 🙂

I have some sad news to relay. Dixie’s Aunt Myrtle passed away this week and Dixie has been home in South Carolina Beach to pay her last respects. Aunt Myrtle was Dixie’s only living relative. As a dear friend, Delta has flown south with Dixie. She will stay with her and help support her through this sad time. I received word only last night, during the kerfuffle between Dexter and Darby, that Delta and Dixie should be back next week and that they may be bringing a couple of Dixie’s sorority sisters, Dinah and Daphne, with them. They will definitely come up for a visit later this summer if they are not able to visit Oh Valley next week.

Delta hanging around the Milkweed.

If you show up on Sunday, you unfortunately will have missed out on the largest Highland Games Competition in all of North America. I’m a 5th generation Scots and am so looking forward to being there and meeting everyone. You included!

Have a fantastic week!

Sue, Axie, and The Fancifulls