Delta and Dixie flew back from South Carolina Beach and were solemnly greeted by all the Fancifulls who had missed them. The Celebration of Life ceremony held for her Aunt Myrtle back home was beautiful. There weren’t many friends and no relatives as Aunt Myrtle was Dixie’s only living relative. She was relieved that Delta was with her. Delta and Dixie crossed wing-tips through the ceremony since dragonflies don’t have hands to hold. Daphne and Dinah, Sorority Sisters, crossed wing tips on her other side. Daphne made the trip back to Oh Valley with Dixie and Delta. Dinah couldn’t take time off work just then but said she’d visit Oh Valley later in the summer.

Dixie is sometimes sad when she thinks of her aunt dying. She knows she has the support of her friends, that they’re ready to listen and offer assistance when she asks for help. She only wishes everyone would act the same as they did before she left for South Carolina Beach. She wants her summer fun to return and she doesn’t want to think too much about Aunt Myrtle and become sad. She remembers the good times … like helping to make strawberry preserves… and rocking on the porch swing for hours while her aunt told stories of her own childhood, even learning how to sew. (That wasn’t very fun at first but Aunt Myrtle said she should keep working at it. She did, and really liked the bonnet she made for herself. From then on, she was hooked.) … all good memories.

Good memories can sometimes make you sad when you know the person in the memory has died. Dixie remembers her Aunt telling her, while on that very porch swing, that memories are the threads that keep your loved ones alive, even when they are not with you any longer. They remain alive in your heart.

Even Darby is different to be around. He’s on his best behavior and not teasing her as he normally would. Dixie knows he’s doing it out of respect for her and her loss but she finds his behavior too weird. She’s used to bantering back and forth with him. It was fun and put some spark in her life. She wishes he would behave towards her like he did before her Aunt died, but she’s not sure what to say or do to let him know this. She thinks she’ll just have to talk with him and tell him she’d rather they get back to the way things were.

Oh Valley has become Dixie’s permanent home. She was happy spending summer vacations here. This will be a big change for her as she will have to get used to the colder climate. She’s always wondered what snow feels like. She has never touched it or played in it. SNOW was something she’d only seen in pictures. Now she’ll find out about it first hand… or maybe not. From her window at the Insect Inn might be close enough?

Daphne likes Oh Valley and is thinking about taking up permanent residence. She’s had word from Dinah that she’s on her way up to see what she’s missing. Oh Valley must be a very special place. Everyone who visits wants to stay.

Here’s hoping your day is on the happy side.

Sue and The Fancifulls of Oh Valley