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CHAMPAGNE BUBBLES can usher in the New Year with no mistakes in it. Displaying this charmer overrides all the pain and craziness of “20/20” and ensures the “year that shall not be named” remains in hindsight only!

A unique wreath that will add sparkle, hanging in your entry hall. Increased lighting if hung on a mirror with the reflected light from LED’s on back of wreath. What a lovely way to welcome guests.
Can be hung in your window to brighten the night for passers by.

Kept in use year-round, CHAMPAGNE BUBBLES, would make a lovely addition and ambient lighting for a dark alcove, bedroom, even a wine cellar.

A natural grapevine wreath base, wrapped with alternating lengths of pewter taffeta, and the softest, champagne (according to the sleeve) chunky yarn. When lit, this wreath twinkles with 100 micro-dot LED’s. A clear 10-foot cord lead and wall adaptor included. These LEDs are for indoor use only. (Full disclosure, the light string is rated for outside, but the plug-in adaptor needs to remain dry. If you have a socket box “DriBox” or similar, you’re good to go!) The thin CLEAR cord will fit into the tightest weather stripping. If you want to hang on the outside of your door and the adaptor can be plugged into an extension cord.

Three authentic ‘Hazy Dayz Dragonflies’ flamed copper dragonflies flit amongst the ‘Champagne’ grape leaves and bubbles.

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