Driftwood Mobile – “MUSKOKA MOORING”

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**New Listing – June 7th, 2021.

MUSKOKA MOORING Driftwood Breeze Mobile

Ottawa River Driftwood, meticulously cleaned and left natural without clear-coat. ( I liked what I saw.)

Seven (7) copper dragonflies, mooring up to a wharf where tall rushes (live tillandsias – air plants) grow.

Delicate deep teal-patinated wings. Patina created from home recipe of my copper scraps, white vinegar and this time, Epsom salts, along with a fair deal of patience. Automotive clear-coat applied to the dried wings for stability of crystals formed during the evaporation process.

Semi-precious Blue Autumn Jasper beads,6mm gently balance dragonflies and air plants.

Videos of my mobiles can be seen on my Instagram feed as well as my Facebook Business Page. Unfortunately the bandwidth required to have quality videos on my website is limited. Working on that.

Recommended for indoor display with indirect sunlight to keep “Tilly” happy.

Not recommended for outdoor display. UV protecting automotive clear-coat has been applied to the patina wings to increase durability though rain showers may cause ‘melting’  of patina crystals.

Watering and care instructions supplied for those new to air plants.

Size :61 cm (24 inches) diameter X 61 cm (24 inches) drop from top branch.

Free shipping within Canada. Due to Customs regulations on vegetation, MUSKOKA MOORING will be available for Shipping in Canada only.


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