Driftwood Mobile – “DISTRACT-ABILITY”

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**New Listing – June 7, 2021.

Transform your thoughts and gather your inner peace, especially during those relentless Zoom meetings.

Glacier Blue and Sunset Purple-inked wings on silver (aluminum) dragonflies. Undersides of wings inked in a similar colour to topside – actually a blend of both colours.

Lavender-coloured amethyst semi-precious stones balance three dragonflies.

Videos of my mobiles can be seen on my Instagram feed as well as my Facebook Business Page. Unfortunately the bandwidth required to have quality videos on my website is limited. Working on that.

Not recommended for outdoor display. UV protecting automotive clear-coat has been applied to the inked wings and will impede fading but not completely block it. The transparent colours on this mobile do not have the many layers of pigmented colour that your car has. Topside wing colouring will quickly fade in direct sunlight.

Size:  Branch length 71 cm (28 inches); Drop from branch 40.5 cm (20 inches).

Curbside pick-up for this piece would be best due to its size and “durable fragility”, though free shipping does apply within Canada.



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