Driftwood Mobile – “ME TYME”

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**New Listing – June 7, 2021.

Aromatherapy Mobile

One single bright copper dragonfly, to glide and flutter while you unload your day.

Blue Banded Agate stone beads compliment the copper.

Lava Stone beads have been designed into 2 separate locations, each allowing for a slow or quick release of scent. Gently hand rub oils onto  the stability bob beads for slow release, or onto the central lava stone beads on the counter-balancing string.

Driftwood branch has been meticulously cleaned, then clear-coated with a water-base, satin sheen, urethane.

Videos of my mobiles can be seen on my Instagram feed as well as my Facebook Business Page. Unfortunately the bandwidth required to have quality videos on my website is limited. Working on that.

Not recommended for outdoor display unless you bring it in with you along with the cotton hammock.

Note – Branch is durable but like any of us, IT WILL SNAP in not treated fairly.

Size:  Branch length 63 cm (25 inches); Drop from branch 36 cm (14 inches).

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