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L’ANGE, French for ‘The Angel’ or ‘The Messenger,’ is handcrafted in the likeness of DARBY, and designed for those preferring a silver-coloured dragonfly in their garden. L’Ange adds sparkle to your patio planter or hanging basket. A steel stem, camouflaged by a garden-green fibre sheath, prompts an onlooker to believe L’Ange is floating above your prize plantings.

For taller shrubbery, stem can be wound around a branch of the shrub itself

The steel stem inserts beautifully into the hollow end of a bamboo stake – up to the first node – to increase the height you can display L’ANGE DANCE from.  If your stake has a node closer than a couple of inches from the end, cut that portion of bamboo off to have access to the hollow on other side of node. A small hand saw or even a… eh hem… bread-loaf knife will work for the desired cut.

Aluminum body; copper wire detail; 18-inch support stem. Stem will be rolled for ease of shipping.

Size: 3.5″ (9cm) X 3.5″ (9cm)  Shipping weight 0.952oz (0.027kg)

Shipping available by Canada Post.


Shipping Information

Weight 0.027 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 1.5 cm


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