So our friends, the Fancifulls, are happy to have made the repairs and upgrades to their magical Insect Inn. Snow has fallen and the nights are much chillier though Fancifulls can be seen outside during the day as the sun warms their wings and allows them to play Wing Tag.

Fancifulls in the middle of a game of Wing Tag

For Flutter, however, there’s no time for Wing Tag. Spring Training Camp for the New York Yankees is only a few months away. She can’t let cold weather stop her from her work-outs. She wishes Fanny would be as dedicated as she is. Flutter is beginning to understand that her dream of becoming a starting shortstop on the world’s most famous baseball team, is not the dream of her best friend. Deep down, she’s known this all along. She wanted to be with Fanny, her very best friend, when she got signed. That was why she ignored Fanny’s protests to train. Flutter knew that Fanny really, really, wants to be a Drone Flight Inspector. She also knew that she was taking Fanny away from her dream by insisting she come with her to training camp every Spring. Flutter realizes she has been selfish and that Fanny deserves much better.

Flutter ready for Christmas trees everywhere!

She would make it up to her, but how? Who could she see to help her? Belvedere would know what to do. Flutter dropped everything and flew as fast as she could to Belvedere’s hive for advice. He was out buzzing around a patch of bee balm in his sunny flower bed, collecting the last of this year’s flower heads and leaves to dry for tea-making. Bee’s love bee balm and Belvedere was no exception. With all the collecting he’d done over the Summer, he’d be certain to have enough dried bee balm to make bee balm tea all winter long to keep the chill off. Bee balm tea is also said to ward off colds and flu. By next summer, the cheerful blooms would take up a large portion of his flower bed once more.

Bee balm tea has properties that sooth and calm frayed nerves too. After seeing Flutter in such a fluster, Belvedere decided it was high time to make a brew. Any problem could be solved with conversation and a cup of tea. Flutter’s world would soon be put to rights again.

After Flutter explained how selfish she’d been with her best friend, and that she wanted to make it up to her, Belvedere pondered. He had an idea but he needed to ask permission first of someone he thought could help. Although Belvedere had no children of his own, he has a fair number of nieces and nephews. You’ve met Baxter. Now let me introduce Honey. Honey is the head technician at the Drone Flight School, a special unit of ROVeFAR – Royal Ottawa Valley Electronic Flight and Academic Regiment. If anyone knew what qualifications are required to be a Drone Flight Inspector – DFI, Honey would know.

Once the tea was finished, and Belvedere could see that Flutter was less flustered, they flew together to the flight school. Flutter recognized Dash and Driscoll and she saw her friend Darby there too. Now that Dash had helped Darby overcome his fear of the dark, he was a top Drone Recruit at ROVeFAR – Royal Ottawa Valley Electronic Flight and Academic Regiment. Soon he would be a student at Drone Flight School unit.

No time to stop and chat – Belvedere flew to his niece’s office and buzzed himself in -Flutter in tow. A short conversation later, Honey had all the details she needed to request an interview with Fanny. From the way her Uncle and this flustered Flutterby were speaking of Fanny, she just might have the drive and grit to get through the rigid training. They were in need of at least one new DFI. She would give her an interview.

Flutter flew home and found her friend right away. As usual, Fanny was on her short-wave radio listening in on the commands given by tower control to the Drone Recruits in flight. She knew all the commands down cold. If only…. *sigh*

Flutter, to her consternation, shut off her beloved short-wave radio and asked her to listen. Fanny thought that was all she ever did – Listen to Flutter. This time things were different. Flutter was apologizing to her for monopolizing their friendship and for always having Fanny do what Flutter wanted to do without concern for what she, Fanny, might like. She said she’d been selfish, without fully realizing it, and it had gone on far too long. Flutter asked her friend if she was serious about her dream to be a DFI.

Fanny wants to be a Drone Flight Inspector
(For those paying close attention, this is actually Bianca)

“Of course! I know you want me to go with you to Spring Training again, but really, Flutter, I’m just not into baseball like you are. Unlike you, my prospects are bleak for becoming a member of the New York Yankees. The designated hitter has to be able to hit home runs. I always “fan” at the ball and rarely make contact. Baseball is so NOT me,” said Fanny.

“Good answer! Starting tomorrow you are going to get a crack at your dream. We are going to ROVeFAR. You have a scheduled interview. This is your chance to shine, my best friend. I’m sorry I overlooked your potential to be the best you can be. I hope you can forgive me and we can remain best friends. We should choose our own path in life and succeed at our own passion. I will miss having you with me but I’ve finally realized everyone has their own dream and has to follow it.”

With that, they shared Butterfly kisses and said their good-nights. Thanks to Flutter, tomorrow was going to be huge for Fanny. She knew Flutter was a true friend. She knew it all along.

Can you name all your true friends? Family members – including dogs, cats and hamsters count too. 🙂

Have a wonderful week at school and be sure to be good for Mom and Dad. Do all of your homework, chores if you have them and make your bed too. Christmas is not too far away now. Santa’s watching.

I may not have another Fancifull Story for you until just before Christmas. My workshop is very busy too and I don’t have any elves to help me. Axie is a good supervisor but without opposable thumbs, he isn’t much help in dragonfly and butterfly production or packaging. He’s good at making sure I stop for breaks – his breaks.

Until next time,

Keep warm. Keep safe,

Sue, Axie, and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley