Good Morning!

Life in Oh Valley has been quite hectic. No one seems to sleep very much. Insects seem to rise as soon as the sun shoos away the dampness. Lately, everyone has been leaving the Insect Inn at 5am, some days, sooner!. This morning, it is a bit chillier and some of our friends are still tucked under their leaves in the inn.

Darby is still pestering me for his own Facebook page. I’ve told him that as soon as I figure out how QuickBooks works, I will look into it. The way I’m going, it may be a long wait for Darby.

Dixie and Delta went for a jaunt yesterday. They came back all covered in red goop. When I asked what they had been up to, they said they’d been over to the neighbours farm, picking strawberries. Of course I was delighted and asked for their little baskets full of ripe red berries, thinking we’d be having strawberries and cream for Supper. Nope. They didn’t take their baskets. They only took their tummies. They ate so many strawberries they didn’t want to see a single one more. Note to self, visit Mr. Childace soon to be sure Dixie and Delta paid for their full tummies.

Dixie hadn’t had strawberries right from the vine before. Delta was right. They were so different from the ones Aunt Myrtle brought home from the green grocers. These ones tasted like juicy sunshine. She ate so many, she could hardly fly. They tasted so much better than mosquitoes. She was thinking about becoming a vegetarian, although all her friends in South Carolina Beach teased her when she said so. Everyone knows that dragonflies are carnivorous. Then Delta said that strawberries could only be picked fresh from the fields for about 2 weeks in Oh Valley. Dixie was back to plan A – mosquitoes.

Have an exciting day everyone. Go outside with your friends and discover your neighbourhood.

Sue, Axie and the Fancifulls in Oh Valley.