Sunrise from my office window – What’s not to be Thankful for?


To my loyal readers -There are no new Fancifulls introduced in this story. I have tried to bring all 40+ characters back to share in the Thanksgiving Feast. I do apologize in advance if I have forgotten to invite your favourite Fancifull. Rest assured there will be leftovers from the feast and those are the best bits.  🙂

Thanksgiving in Oh Valley is right around the corner. In Canada, for our friends in other countries, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October and as October 1st fell on a Tuesday this year, Thanksgiving, the second Monday, will be October 14th. Late but no matter. This gives the Fancifulls more time to prepare. 

Thanksgiving Day is big day in Oh Valley – one of the biggest! Fancifulls have so much to be thankful for. They are especially thankful for the love of their families and for the many friendships they have made. You see, in Oh Valley everyone gets along. Oh Valley is a community that accepts everyone but not only accepts, INCLUDES everyone. There are no outsiders in Oh Valley. You are welcomed and become part of the community if you wish to be. It’s that easy.

There’s no arguments, even between siblings… well… not many. There are occasional disagreements as young Fancifulls are learning to spread their wings. Gryffin and Gracie (Grasshoppers) may not always see eye-to-eye as they grow into young adult grasshoppers but their squabbles are minor and part of growing up and learning their place in society. The same goes for Darby and his cousin, Delta (Dragonflies).

But where were we… Ah yes… Preparing for Thanksgiving!

Every year, Thanksgiving is celebrated in the spacious Dining Hall at the Insect Inn. All Fancifulls, young and old, as well as travelling visitors squish in around a harvest table that seems to go on forever. It’s like magic. There’s always room for one more at the table. This huge table needs decorating! Flutter and Fanny (Butterflies) have accepted this task.

Today, they are out scouting for the leaves that will be at their peak colours to adorn the table. They can’t pick them just yet as they won’t be fresh for the arrangements. Today is only a reconnaissance mission – “recce” for short. Keeping in mind that they are butterflies, they don’t want to scout too far away since they have to bring all these beautiful, fall-coloured leaves back to the Inn. Flutter and Fanny are strong. They keep themselves in top condition because they are still trying to make it onto the New York Yankee’s roster. They’ve been to Spring Training Camp two times already and are not giving up.

Baxter and Uncle Belvedere (Bumble Bees) have been tasked with supplying the Mead, honey wine for those who’d like some. It is a celebration, after all. They use a very special family recipe handed down to Uncle Belvedere and he’s decided it’s time that he passes the formulation onto Baxter, his closest relative. Baxter is looking forward to learning the family recipe but secretly hopes it won’t include him having to collect the pollen. He hasn’t had time to read all the instructions for the Pollenty Bee US Pollen Extractor that he purchased from Bradley (Butterfly) and is still collecting pollen the old-fashioned way. As you know, Baxter has recently become allergic to pollen so this is not a favourite part of his day.

Teddy (Woolly Bear Caterpillar) has received his invitation and as it states “+3.” He can invite 3 of his mates to travel with him from his home of Wooler to Oh Valley and take part in the Thanksgiving Celebrations. He’s already decided to take some of his sister’s Jellied Snarlguk that he stashed away from his last visit to see her. He thinks he’ll make some Thistle Drip too. If they drink enough of the Thistle Drip, maybe they’ll be too full and leave more Jellied Snarlguk for him. 😉 Teddy loves his sister’s Jellied Snarlguk!

Teddy’s mates have decided that they will bring the table cloth that will cover the long harvest table. They will work all week making silk for the cloth but the table is so huge they think it might be only a runner to go down the length of the table. Normally they would use their own fur coat to make their cocoon but they are not prepared for that yet. They have a few more winters each before they will become Isabella Tiger Moths so silk will have to do for the runner. Flutter and Fanny can place their fall leaves on the runner for decoration.


Calvin and Cinch, from Beetlecrum, have each been invited. They will be bringing “Dandy Milk,” a concoction they’ve formulated from Calvin’s favourite, Milkweed Milk, and one of Cinch’s favourites, Dandelion Milk. Sweet and tangy is how you could best describe the mixture. They found a similar recipe in one of the many books Buttercup (Butterfly) loaned to Calvin on his most recent visit. Cinch and Calvin hope to have a roadside stand next summer selling their “Dandy Milk” to all the passing Fancifulls. (Calvin is a Monarch Caterpillar while Cinch his best mate is an Inchworm.)

Gramps (Grasshopper) is over his cold and in fine spirits. He helps Dixie and Dexter (Dragonflies) lay the place settings as he tells tales of Thanksgiving celebrations from the many he has been fortunate enough to attend. As they set the table, they will ensure that all Fancifulls will be surrounded by someone they know well and someone they may not know well, someone young and someone older so everyone knows more people better by the end of the meal. That takes a lot of planning and Dixie is concerned that they may have left it too late. Dixie is still a worrier. This will be her first Thanksgiving in Oh Valley. She is usually home with her departed Aunt Myrtle in South Carolina Beach by this time of year. With such diverse personalities you wouldn’t have thought it could happen but She, Delta, Daphne, and Dinah have become swell chums. Dinah has taken a leave-of-absence from her film career in The Hills and Daphne has RSVP’d that she will be returning to Oh Valley for Thanksgiving too. The excitement is building.

Darby is up to his usual mischief. He’s trying to find a Whoopie Cushion to slide onto Dixie’s seat when she’s not looking. He really likes her and tries to get her attention all the time. He has Dexter scouring the internet trying to get one in time for the dinner. Putting those two minds together only spells trouble. We shall see if they are successful.

Of course Bradley will be there. He has asked Bianca to be his date. This will be their first outing as a couple. Lily (Ladybug), Bianca’s best mate will be chaperoning them to ensure everything is on the up-and-up.


Dixie got sidetracked by the blue Asters in the neighbours yard. She really loves the colour blue!

Grampa’s whole clan will be there including Gracie and Gryffin. Gryffin has invited his CHASE friends too. Grommet, Gwendollynn, Grady, and Gabbriella will all be there. Gracie invited her math teacher, Miss Phyllis (Giant Leaf Insect – Phyllium Giganteum) as she is so far from her home on the other side of the world, in Malaysia.

Even The Mayor of Crazywort, Peabody (Praying Mantis), and Willow (Walking Stick), Crazyworts new Dettledag Historian (Fancifull Celebration post) will be in attendance.

Belvedere as the other senior Fancifull of the community next to Gramps, has the honour of inviting his family and friends too. Baxter, who will carry on the Mead-making tradition, as well as his good friends, Buttercup Brighton, Billy and Honey will all be there. Unfortunately, Bizzy, Queen Bee will not be in attendance as she must stay home to look after the new brood of bees.

Do not fret. Bizzy has her hive trained very well. They have all been instructed to bring her some of those leftovers…. and they will.

Are you helping your family get ready for Thanksgiving this year? Maybe you’re making a Construction Paper Turkey for the table by tracing your hand and cutting the paper to make the tail feathers?

Have a wonderful week everyone,

Sue, Axie, and All the Fancifulls and Friends of Oh Valley